The Maryland Big Tree Program is associated with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service, which provides technical assistance when needed. The MBTP is sponsored by the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards, which provide major policy guidance. Mr. Bennett prepares a monthly report to the Cecil County Forestry Board, which includes number of trees measured each month, the number of miles traveled, expenses, and issues that have arisen. THIS IS A TOTALLY VOLUNTEER-BASED PROGRAM!!


From left to right: JOHN BENNETT, DORI MURPHY, KATHIE JARMON. These are the members of the Maryland Big Tree Program Measurement Team, based in CECIL COUNTY. When someone nominates a big tree, JOHN BENNETT receives the nomination, either by phone, email, regular mail, or as an automatic referral from several web sites, including this site. He then is responsible for contacting the individual and securing a signed permission form. A signed permission form must be sent to Mr. Bennett before any further action is taken. Further conversation with the owner will help to determine the species of tree, if the tree is large enough to be registered, and if the tree is free of obstructions such as vines or multi-flora rose.

DORI MURPHY is the photographer for the MBTP, and does much of the driving. She has been a member of the Team since 2008 and is a member of the Cecil County Forestry Board, which oversees the daily operations of the MBTP. KATHIE JARMON is the newest member, joining in 2011. She does most of the physically difficult measuring, and helps with the driving.

In many counties, there is an individual or several individuals who have the necessary equipment, training, and willingness to measure trees. If such a person or persons is available, Mr. Bennett will refer the tree to that person or persons for measurement. If no such local person is available, Mr. Bennett will notify the owner that a visit by the MBTP Team above will have to be scheduled. Due to limited funding and scheduling issues, this may take up to six months (sometimes longer if the tree is over 100 miles away from Cecil County.) We have very limited service in Allegany, Garrett & Somerset Counties. The MBTP Team does not schedule visits during the months of May-August to allow our volunteers extended personal time.


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