U.S. Champion Kentucky Coffee Tree, photo by Dori Murphy
U.S. Champion Kentucky Coffee Tree, photo by Dori Murphy

For information on how to register a big tree, contact John Bennett at mdbigtreeprogram@aol.com, or call 410-287-5980.

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What's New
Thursday, February 05, 2015
John Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator
January Report To Board 1/1 – Planning continued on the re-measurement requirements for 2015. Thirty-eight trees in 5 counties require their 10 year re-measurement. Owners must be contacted, and mailing

Maryland’s first forester

Fred Besley
Fred Besley

Fred Besley was Maryland’s first forester, serving from 1906 to 1942. He developed the formula used today to measure trees:

Circumference in inches +
Height in feet +
¼ of the average crown spread =

MD Association of Forest Conservancy

Mel Noland, Steve Koehn
Mel Noland, left
Steve Koehn, right

Mel Noland was President of the MD Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards 2004-2010. Under his leadership, the Maryland Big Tree Program moved from the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service to the volunteers of the local Forestry Boards where it thrives today. Money from his memorial fund sponsors this web site.

Steve Koehn, MD State Forester “On behalf of the Maryland Forest Service, I am pleased to support this web site and the Maryland Big Tree Program. I salute the many volunteers who are promoting this and other forestry programs in MD.”